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Holiday Wishes!!

Mid-South Engineering would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!

Check out the Mid-South Engineering Holiday Barn Raiser.

Energy Studies

Approaches Used for Energy Studies

by Eldon Doody, P.E.


Our team utilizes a comprehensive approach to energy evaluations to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective outcomes for our clients. Our energy studies typically involve the following steps:
Site Survey and Information Gathering:
The first step in each energy study is a visit to the client’s facility by key staff members. One purpose of the site visit is to gather and review documentation such as drawings and historical operating data. site...

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Piping Systems

Your Piping Systems May Deserve a Second Look

by Rob Bullen, P.E.


Just about every building or facility has that one thing that seems to be “out of sight – out of mind…” and most people are just happy to let that be. The item that I am referring to here is piping, and to be honest, it is more than a little bit errant to call that...

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Air Pollution Control

Common Hood Mistakes

by David Colborne, Project Manager


In most industrial environments, the air pollution control system is underappreciated and given very little attention. It is the non-productive portion of the operation, so many are uninterested in investing money for a properly designed and efficiently operating air pollution control system. That baghouse out back is considered to be a necessary evil – something that is needed for worker safety or environmental compliance, but not an area where most plants to...

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Code Matters

Codes do matter in the building and industrial plant world…A lot.

by Karen Griffin, Staff Architect


Is it a requirement to provide accessible toilet rooms and elements within the industrial plant?

Reference Code:
The International Building Code (IBC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 2010)

The following will hopefully clear up many misunderstandings about accessibility design which we often lump into one word – handicap.

Fact #1: The ADA (a law) is written as civil rights

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Who’s Your Civil Engineer?

By: Monte Moreschi, P.E., LEED


Today’s Civil Engineer does more than just the grading, and erosion and sediment control plans. They take care of rezoning, overall site layout, local ordinance compliance, driveway permits, storm water management, underground utilities, potable water permits, sanitary sewer permits, site traffic patterns, and raw material and finished goods logistics. The Civil Engineer also provides coordination between building plumbing, building foundations, equipment foundations, electrical duct banks, surveyors, vendors, etc. They even provide coordination between Civil...

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To Profile or Not to Profile?

By: Monte Moreschi, P.E., LEED

J:Current60xx60405.0 Drawings5.1 M-RIPP15055P03 Layout1 (

We get questioned all the time about why we spend time creating utility profile drawings. In the world of underground utilities, we feel that is like asking why did you spend time creating elevation drawings for buildings? We however understand that profile drawings might seem unnecessary to our clients.

We have heard on numerous occasions that a good set of plans showing utility locations and a typical depth for type...

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Mid-South Engineering In the News

Articles and Photos provided to Mid-South Engineering by Steve Brawner, Editor, Arkansas Professional Engineers Magazine, Little Rock, AR

Mid-South Engineering is proud to announce Larry Stephens and Bruce Westerman have been featured in the July 2015 issue of the Arkansas Professional Engineers Magazine. Mid-South Engineering would like to congratulate them on this recent accomplishment and acknowledgment.

Larry Stephens, P.E., former President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, now a current Chairman for Mid-South Engineering, has been selected as the ASPE Engineer of the Year. After starting Mid-South Engineering in 1969 alongside Roy Murphy, Larry’s intelligence, people skills, and knowledge of the industry...

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Back to the Basics | Fasteners: Torque vs. Tension

by Kyle Manzer, Staff Engineer

Back To the Basics Newsletter

Bolts, Capscrews, and Studs are used as fasteners for many applications in mechanical devices. On our rotating machinery, we have critical fasteners for couplings and anchor bolts, etc. and also non-critical fasteners for holding side covers, etc. In these cases, the fasteners work using the same principle, by providing a clamping force to hold two or more pieces together in

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2015 Forest Product Machinery and Equipment Expo

2015 Forest Product Machinery and Equipment Expo
The Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) is hosting the 2015 Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition conference on June 10-12, 2015 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Forest Product Professionals will have exhibits of the latest machinery, equipment, technology and services on display. We will be located at Booth 311. Stop by and see us!

For complete information, visit the conference website at

We look forward seeing...

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